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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the student voice within the school. It meets to discuss matters which students feel are important. It is run by students and provides an opportunity for them to voice the ideas and suggestions of the student body. Elections take place at the end of each year with the exception of Year 7, which is carried out early in Term One.


Macarthur Girls High School has a prefect body of Year 12 and Year 11 students who are elected by their peers and the staff. School prefect is an elected, leadership position. The Prefects make up the senior component of the SRC. Prefects are elected at the end of Year 10 and Year 11 and hold their position for a year. 

2020 Student Representative Councils





Nidhi Nair

Nirel Dimaunahan

Chelti Madamba

Hadya Aman

Ashwini Gajendran

Elisa Chay

Jacqueline Islam

Jade Horton

Monica Saad

Nega Aman

Taylor Hopping

Zahra Zabul

Bansari Soni

Huda Mahmood

Jezrell De Leon-Lagman

Lale Kaya

Elizabeth Baker

Maviya Khan

Zahra Sarwary

Emily Wu

Roqia Bakhteyari

Bahar Hazhir

Vaideki Jegendran

Siri Chandana

Leila Fonua

Dhruti Patel

Nazneen Rana

Clodia Stanislaus

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